Experience in educational activities in fiber optics dates back to the nineteen eighties, currently Fiberson has courses in:

Splicing in fiber optic networks (pdf)
Measurement of fiber optic networks (pdf)
Fiber optic theory (pdf)
Design and planning of FTTX networks (pdf)
For education, comprehensive self-produced text books are available. The first comprehensive course book was written in 1992 as a textbook on fiber optics and is now upgraded to the technology of today. The level of any course literature is well-adjusted for those who are primarily doing the practical work outside or inside plant.

Much of the course material authored by Fiberson is used in the qualified vocational training in Sweden.

Our books are available at


To design and build the fiber optic infrastructure, well educated people are needed in both the practical and theoretical fields. Fiberson has knowledge and know - how for training those people. As consultants, we can guide and support in establishing this type of training.

We can supply fiber in box for training. Fiber length and number of splices on customer demand.

Example image of fiber in box for training measuring in optical networks.



Involvment in developing the new 
IT infrastructure 

As early as 1997 we were involved in the development of the now world-wide rapidly emerging fiber-optic network infrastructure, an infrastructure that will carry every conceivable digital service in the modern globalized society.

We participated in committees controlled by the Swedish government and drew up documents that made Sweden to a world leader in the deployment of FTTX networks.

In 2004, Fiberson presented a textbook with recommendations on how to build fiber optic networks to the end-user, FTTX networks. The recommendation has been used as framework for recommendations, published by CENELEC, for the European Union, EU.

Research – intensity modulated fiber-optic sensors 

Fiberson has an industrial PhD student linked to the Department of Information Technology & Media, Electronics Design Division, at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall. The research focus is on distributed fiber-optic sensing techniques using OTDR technology and speciality fibers.

Fiberson is also one of the participating companies in the research profile Sensible Things that Communicate (STC) at Mid Sweden University, as well as in the research center Acreo Fiber Optic Center (AFOC).

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