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Secondary coating

We perform secondary coating of fiber, wire, thin tubes according to customer specifications.
Fiber/wire dimension ø125µm-2000µm
Secondary coating ø200µm-2500µm
Material: PA(Nylon), PFA, PE, PBT, PFE, PVC, ETFE. 

Fiber box

Fiber box for training and education

Fiberson can provide fiber boxes for education/training in OTDR mesurement.

The fiber box can be tailored with a number of:
-fiber splices with high and/or low attenuation.
-microbend fiber.
-macrobend fiber.
-bendsensitive and non bendsensetive fiber.
Number of splices, fiberlength, typ of fiber and type of box is on custom demand. 
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Development and manufacturing of specialty fibers

Fiberson is active in development and manufacturing of specialty fiber. E.g. polymer coating of specialty fibers for high power lasers, optical fiber for medical applications, light guidance fiber for sun energy and much more.



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